Sunday, August 24, 2014

My home

I live in Bogotá, Colombia. Bogotá is cold city located in the middle of a plateau. The majority of the people here are christians. The city is surrounded by beautiful forests that have a lot of flora and fauna. It has a lot of tall work buildings.

Bogotá is located in a plateau in Cundinamarca, Colombia. The coordinates of Bogotá are 4 degrees north and 74 degrees west. Colombia is located in south america. Bogotá is in the middle of the country.

Colombia is similar to other south american countries because they the language is spanish. Also, all of the countries were european colonies. They have similar building structures because they were colonized by similar european countries.

 Colombia has changed because now a lot of famous and rich companies have bases in Colombia. That has helped Colombia grow economically. Also, the metro that the government is planning build will help a lot in decreasing the traffic in Bogotá.

The colombians have changed Colombia because nobody knew Colombia but now after the world cup everybody knows and likes Colombia. Also, now that a lot of big companies have settled in Colombia we want to grow more so we build more buildings. We had have to adapt to Bogotá because of the cold weather and rocky terrain.

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  1. You did a very nice job with this assignment. I would take the time to read through your writing a bit more--there are some grammatical mistakes, especially related to capitalization, that I will be looking for you to improve over the course of the year.