Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Parent interview

Parent-child differences

My mom grew in Bogota, like me. She didn't have google, she had encyclopedias. She wrote letters to her friends and talked by the wall phone. We spoke the same languages and ate the same type of food. Her favorite toy was a doll while my favorite toy is play station. She had TV, radio, telephone and a beta max. I have TV, telephone, cellphone, computer, I pad, I pod and printer. Something that surprised my is that my mom had her first computer when she was in college. Something that is similar is that we both spoke english and spanish. Something that is different is that she used encyclopedias to research work while I use the internet. I think that technology will change a lot when I have children. Technology has changed a lot since my mom's childhood and I hope it keeps changing. I learned that life back then was really hard and that I am privileged to have everything that I have now.